General Conditions presented here établiessent the rights and obligations of the parties under selling products offered by the company MODEL CONCEPT.


MODEL CONCEPT: the limited liability company , whose registered office is at 758 route d' Uzès 30500 SAINT AMBROIX registered with Companies House under number NIMES From 539,027,987 .

Client: any company related MODEL CONCEPT for the supply of Products .

Product (s): any Product supplied by MODEL CONCEPT .


Building relationships with MODEL CONCEPT implies unreserved acceptance of these Conditions of Sale. Relations between MODEL CONCEPT and Customer shall be governed exclusively by these Terms and Conditions, the special conditions that prevail over all other conditions , except those expressly accepted by signing MODEL CONCEPT .


To purchase the Customer shall complete an order and accept , when necessary , special conditions of this Agreement . MODEL CONCEPT is not bound by orders made ​​by its representatives or employees only upon written acceptance by MODEL CONCEPT . Failing such acceptance MODEL CONCEPT can not be held to any commitment. Orders , after acceptance by MODEL CONCEPT can not be changed or canceled without the express MODEL CONCEPT agreement , all costs and expenses arising being borne by the Client. Requests for modification or cancellation must be made ​​in writing.


Products are sent to the shipping address provided by the Customer in the special conditions . Transportation costs are still borne by the Client. Delivery times are indicated on the acceptance of the order or , failing that, those indicated in the Special Conditions. MODEL CONCEPT The company can incur no liability for delay in delivery, provided that the customer is informed. MODEL CONCEPT may of right, without any formality suspend deliveries in the absence of full implementation by the Customer of all its obligations MODEL CONCEPT .

Our goods are imported, the delivery time, listed as a guide, can not give rise to damages for delay.

Shipping Terms:

Carriage and packing for orders over 500 € order.

Anything less than 500 € order gives rise to the billing as a lump sum of € 15 HT to cover administrative costs and transportation costs.

Any (less than 4 pieces) sample order gives rise to the flat rate billing 10 HT to cover administrative costs and transportation costs.


The occurrence of circumstances impeding the normal performance of obligations MODEL CONCEPT, even if the circumstances do not constitute a case of force majeure, MODEL CONCEPT may suspend performance of its obligations during the period of the circumstances under it notifies the Customer. If these effects would extend beyond 30 days, the Customer has the right to cancel any orders delivered within the terms of Article 5 above. Are described in this section including civil or foreign war, insurrection , riot, civil commotion , acts of terrorism , strikes , lock- outs , social unrest , natural elements , natural disasters , blockade , embargo, inadequate supplies, acts of government or national or international authorities, all applicable laws and regulations, all difficulties in obtaining raw materials, energy sources , equipment or means of transport.

6 . RISK

Delivery of the Products , as defined in these Terms and Conditions operates transfer of risk to the customer. The Customer is responsible for damage or missing, make all necessary findings and confirm its reserves by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt from the carrier letter.


Complaints regarding defects or non-compliance of the Products delivered shall be made ​​by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 8 days of receipt of goods letter. If not claimed within this period, the Customer is deemed to have accepted the Products delivered without reserve and waived any claim. It is up to the Customer to provide any justification as to the reality of defects or anomalies . It will allow to easily MODEL CONCEPT to carry out the observation of these defects to remedy and shall not intervene or to a third party for this purpose , unless express agreement MODEL CONCEPT .


Return of goods (stock items only)

For returns, please initially send us your request by fax or by email, stating the product name, size, quantity, color, reason for return and invoice number.

Requests for returns by our customers must remain a unique character and be subject to the approval of our management. This will involve only products MODEL CONCEPT collection of the year and within 180 days of the invoice date.

After writing by the seat of MODEL CONCEPT acceptance, you can return the goods in question (make port at your expense). Upon receipt, and subject to control, we will exchange or we will issue the credit note.

However, any return will be accepted equivalent compensatory control 1.5 times the amount of laundry corresponding return accepted.

Special case: The goods we sent you does not match what you ordered or is defective, in which case we refer the missing goods immediately and recover our costs of goods that you did not order.

In any case you need to return the package to our office without our consent.

To be accepted, the returned goods must be in their original packaging, without any labeling to your own sale.


MODEL CONCEPT undertakes to deliver compliant items ordered references . The acceptance by the Client, the Client specifications entails a waiver of any claims relating to products with the same or equivalent specifications characteristics. In the event that the Product does not conform to the specifications, it can be described as non-compliant if the difference was not reasonably foreseeable. Under warranty, the only obligation will CONCEPT MODEL free replacement of the defective product.


Warranty Products is limited to compliance with the specifications , its application is excluded in case of reaction products with materials they are associated by the Customer or in the event of use of products not in accordance with guidance provided by MODEL CONCEPT . The warranty does not cover products over the relevance of test methods used with respect to the use to which the Customer intends Products. All faults that may have been identified by tests whose realization would have been negated by the customer are excluded from the warranty MODEL CONCEPT .

Warranty Products is limited to compliance with the specifications , its application is excluded in case of reaction products with materials they are associated by the Customer or in the event of use of products not in accordance with guidance provided by MODEL CONCEPT . The warranty does not cover products over the relevance of test methods used with respect to the use to which the Customer intends Products. All faults that may have been identified by tests whose realization would have been negated by the customer are excluded from the warranty MODEL CONCEPT .


MODEL CONCEPT responsibility is strictly limited to the delivery of products and their warranty as specified above. The amount of compensation payable by MODEL CONCEPT under its responsibility vis-à - vis the Customer and third parties is limited to the amount collected under the price of the sale of defective products . Clubs are obliged to respect the rules , codes, obligations and restrictions of their respective sports associations. We can not under any circumstances be held liable for infringements . Customer is responsible for obtaining and using the rights to registration , claws, logos , picture , slogans, designs or reproductions from the copyright holder. We can in no way be held responsible for the violation of copyrights, copyright , trademark, patent or licensing trademarks .


The price of the Products is that indicated by MODEL CONCEPT in the special conditions . These prices are excluding taxes, duties and charges of tax , customs or otherwise, without discount, rebate and deduction , net transport costs outside France is still the responsibility of the Client. All taxes, fees or other benefits payable under French regulations or those of an importing country or countries of transit are the responsibility of the Client.


Payment is due with the order for the total amount and by check , bank transfer, or cash deals . Only the actual payment of funds constitute payment . The delivery of a bill or a check does not constitute payment . The currency of account and payment is specified in the acceptance of the order or , failing that, the Euro. In case of late payment , MODEL CONCEPT may suspend all pending orders, without prejudice to any other action . The Customer will be liable to pay full interest on arrears calculated on the full amount remaining due to an interest rate equal to one and a half times the legal interest rate law, from the date of repayment and until full payment, in default of payment within 8 days after sending a notice. The amounts will be further increased by a fixed penalty of 10% for expenses of collection. The Client shall pay all costs incurred by the litigation recovery of sums due , including government as well as costs and attorneys' fees honorary officers . MODEL CONCEPT may, of right, by notification cancel the sale and cancel any pending order and if necessary seek interim relief, restitution of the Products delivered without prejudice to any other damages. All sums due to MODEL CONCEPT, whatever their payment deadline then become immediately payable . Under no circumstances payments may be suspended or subject to any compensation without the prior written agreement MODEL CONCEPT . MODEL CONCEPT may condition any delivery to the constitution guarantees payment or cash payment or order.


Products remain the property of MODEL CONCEPT until full payment of the principal, fees and accessories. Rights under the retention of title may be exercised on both products themselves that any monies , right or claim which replaces it , including their resale price of any insurance or other compensation . If the law of the country where the Products are located does not allow the retention of title , MODEL CONCEPT enjoy all other rights in the Products that the law allows him to book . The Client shall immediately notify MODEL CONCEPT threat of entry , enforcement action or any other third party intervention on products to enable MODEL CONCEPT oppose and preserve its rights.


The Customer is informed of what products are covered by intellectual property rights . The delivery of Products can in no way be deemed to constitute an operating permit any of said intellectual property rights . The Customer is not authorized to use any trademarks, designs and models ordered and delivered by MODEL CONCEPT Products manner. The information provided by MODEL CONCEPT during the provision of Products are confidential and the Customer agrees not to use other than for the sole use of the Products. Any reproduction and distribution of products for commercial purposes , as well as any modification, reuse or incorporation of these elements in other works is prohibited without express written permission of MODEL CONCEPT . Failure to comply with these rules may result in civil and criminal liability of the offender.


MODEL CONCEPT that does not prevail at a given moment, of any provision of these Terms of Sale, can not be construed as a waiver of any subsequent clauses of these General Conditions Sales . Wherever possible, each provision hereof shall be interpreted to give effect and validity under applicable law. If any provision is declared invalid or unenforceable by a competent court in special circumstances , such provision shall remain in force in all other circumstances.


The provisions of the Consumer Code does not apply to customized products having been a "good shooting ". For other products , consumers and non-professionals, as defined by the Code of consumption, has a period of seven days from the receipt of the parcel to return to its fresh products ordered society MODEL CONCEPT and pursuant to Article L.121 -20 of the Consumer Code . The product must be returned and not used in its original packaging with a copy of the delivery note .


These terms and conditions are governed by French law. The Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods of 11 April 1980 is not applicable to the sale of the Products. Will have exclusive jurisdiction in case of dispute or disagreement relating to the Products or these terms and conditions , the courts in whose jurisdiction is located the headquarters of MODEL CONCEPT , namely NIMES , which may, however, waive the benefit of this grant of jurisdiction and capture all other courts of their choice. This grant of jurisdiction applies even in cases of emergency , an appeal as collateral , incidental demand or multiple defendants, regardless of the method and terms of payment.

Reservation clauses:
1 - We reserve the priority of goods ordered and delivered or to be delivered until full payment of the said goods.
2 - In default of payment of the full price of goods or non-compliance with deadlines contractually agreed, the sale will be gone as of right.

Reminder of Article 105 of the Commercial Code:
Any dispute receipt of goods must be recorded by the customer on the carrier's receipt and confirmed by registered mail within 3 days from the letter carrier.
MODEL CONCEPT accept any responsibility and can not compensate his client, if upon receipt of package open or rogue, the customer has not made the necessary reservations on the carrier's receipt as indicated above.